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    Random events based on a point system
    – Entropy range from -100% to 100%
    – When a player dies, entropy increase based on cause of death
    – When a player kills a mob, entropy decrease based on the threat level of the mob
    – Increase and decreases are influenced by the current player count, more players = less increase/decrease
    – Every X minutes, a random chaos event will play based on the current chaos disposition, the further the disposition is from 0, the more drastically events will change the base gameplay
    – If the entropy reaches 100% or -100%, a world boss will spawn, when a boss exists, entropy is frozen and no entropy event will occur. When the boss is defeated or despawns, chaos disposition will reset to 0% and entropy events will start appearing again.
    – If entropy is positive, chaos events based around players and day time will occur
    – If entropy is negative, chaos events based around mobs and night time will occur
    – “/entropy” will show the player the current entropy as well as event timer
    Accepting suggestions for entropy events, each event should have a short TITLE, a range of DISPOSITION, an ominous SUBTITLE, and several lines of DESCRIPTION explaining the mechanics of the event as well as condition for ending the event. Uncertain numbers can be replaced by “X”, and will be tweaked after acceptance during development.

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    Development on this has started, expect an update soon.


    Work on Entropy events have started, the top post of this thread will now only contain finished events.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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