Lazarus entered the office, a pale carpet welcomed him as he stepped past the dark, wooden door. Ahead of him stood a wide wooden desk lined with papers around a lonely desk plant. Behind the desk sat Dr. Derp, whose white hair and lab coat contrasted from the dim room and Lazarus’ business suit.
“So, what is it you wanted to show me?” Lazarus asked, without taking a seat, “And would you care to explain why you wanted the void?”
“I know you have questions, but they will all be answered in a minute.” Dr. Derp replied as he stood up and pushed his chair under the desk.
Dr. Derp turned around and walked towards a bookshelf, it spun around to reveal a portal.
“Follow me,” said Dr. Derp as he stepped into the portal.

Lazarus followed Dr. Derp through the portal into a cylindrical room even darker than the office. Wires and pipes lined the ceiling and walls, all leading to a wall of glowing screens. Dr. Derp tapped one of the screens, and a tank lit up in the middle of the room, revealing a human brain with wires growing out of it. Lazarus quietly examined the brain, then turned to Dr. Derp.
“Before you ask,” Dr. Derp smiled, “this time it’s not my brain.”

“We were each born with a gift, you and I, one that allows us to perceive what others can’t. Yours the perception of space, and mine the preception of sentience, and I believe I’ve found a third,” Dr. Derp tapped the top of the glowing tank, “one with a different perception of time. When connected to the Mindscreen, this brain generates such a massive amount of information that even the TI-190, the world’s fastest quantum computer, can’t process in full. Theoretically, it can generate an infinite amount of data, data of memories and concepts. An infinite amount of lifetime’s worth of memories exists in these data, each of a ‘parallel universe’, representing every possibility. And among these ‘parallel universes’, I’ve found ours.”


This is an excerpt from a longer story, taking place after the events of The Titan Transaction and before the game of Velocity. The “gifts” Dr. Derp spoke of are special powers that let a person perceive something intangible. Dr. Derp’s gift is the ability to perceive sentience, with which he leads Passerines, a tech company specializing in artificial intelligence. Using his gift, Dr. Derp invented the Mindscreen, a device that can manifest a person’s mind, as well as the Envoys, AI-controlled war machines that will soon be making their appearance in Velocity. Lazarus’ gift is the ability to perceive a fourth dimension, with which he leads Tesseract, a company specializing in space exploration and mass transportation. Using his gift, Lazarus created the Portal, a device that can instantly transport an object between two points, as well as the Void Anchor, the device that was used to create Void One in The Titan Transaction.

This story will explain the background of how Velocity became the way it is in-game. A “part 0” revealing how the brain was acquired will be released after this story is completed.