“Do you remember the wager we made ten years ago? You believed there are no gods, and I promised I would find him and show him to you. This is god. He has lived infinite lives, been every person, made every decision, experienced every possibility. Lazarus, you never believe what you can’t see, that is why you would not worship an intangible God. If you seek a corporeal god, this is it.”

“In the Christian belief, God represents omnipotence.” Lazarus asked, “What makes you think this dislocated brain to be a god?”

“This ‘dislocated brain’ holds much more importance than it looks, Lazarus,” Dr. Derp answered, “Even God did not have the power to control time, but with this, we will. It may not be the omnipotent God, but it has something even God did not.”

“Christianity contradicts itself at every turn,” Lazarus sighed, “That’s why I cannot accept it. How can I believe in something that doesn’t believe in itself?”

“It doesn’t matter what a god is, Lazarus. In this spiritual day and age, you will be isolated if you choose to only believe in yourself. You’ve seen what the media are saying about you, it’s negatively affecting your company’s reputation.”

“Let them say what they will,” Lazarus never took his eyes off the ever-fluctuating numbers on the screen, “You must have been the first to notice, the renaissance was only a large-scale business maneuver to change trends. In this so-called spiritual age, everything is overshadowed by capitalism.”