Today marks the day of the world’s largest transaction, as well as the greatest breakthrough of human technology. Tesseract has revealed its greatest creation—the Void One.

Void One is the first artificial world. It is an endless void with conditions akin to that of space, but with no stars in sight, and devoid of all light. The entrance to the void was constructed two years prior, but only now has an exit been made. The 12 members of the Tesseract ST-1 have returned from their half-year journey into the void, and assembled a T-Orbiter in the pitch black vacuum. Today, the first Two-Way Anchor was established in the void, allowing travel to and from the orbiter.

Dr. Derp immediately purchased the ownership of Void One and the T-Orbiter with just under half of Passerines’ stocks, worth well over hundreds of billions in dollars. Passerines has always been a private company with no public stocks, yet now it traded away nearly half its stock, holding just enough to keep the final say. After the purchase, Dr. Derp named the T-Orbiter “Lazarus 1”. Why did he purchase the Lazarus station? It’s free from all outside threats, no natural disasters, no space dust, no unwanted eyes or ears. The only matter that exist in Void One is Lazarus 1 itself. It’s the safest place in the world—no, the safest world of all worlds. There is no better place to hide the greatest secret, his magnum opus.

This is a very short piece of lore about the spawn of Velocity, the Lazarus 1. More will be said about companies Tesseract and Passerines, the journey of Tesseract ST-1, and Dr. Derp’s magnum opus.