v0.3.5 Tutorial Update

Version 0.3.5 Added a tutorial area at spawn. Added missing icon for Belt Feeder. Corrected a mistake in the Glider icon. Added models for Nanites and Nanite Colony. Edited several block textures to connect smoother. Added Empty Capsules to crate loot tables. Slightly raised nanite drop rates in small crates. Fixed a bug where the …

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The Titan Transaction

Today marks the day of the world’s largest transaction, as well as the greatest breakthrough of human technology. Tesseract has revealed its greatest creation—the Void One. Void One is the first artificial world. It is an endless void with conditions akin to that of space, but with no stars in sight, and devoid of all …

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v0.3.4 Gatling Update

Version 0.3.4 Overhauled M134 Minigun: Belt-Fed: Does not require reloads and consumes ammunition directly from inventory. Requires “Belt Feeder” passive ability to use. Spin: Scope (left-click) is replaced with Spin. Must be spinning to fire. Drains energy over time while spinning. Can be toggled with a short delay. Overheat: Suffer heat status with each shot, …

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v0.3.3 Weapon Sounds Update

Version 0.3.3 Server updated to 1.16.4, supports all client versions 1.16+. Added a variety of royalty-free gun sounds for every weapon, feedbacks regarding volume is welcome. The Mob Arena gamemode has been temporarily removed since we currently cannot provide a complete experience for it.

v0.3.2 Inspect Update

Version 0.3.2 Added /inspect, a player version of /stats that shows basic stats of the entity/block you are looking at Added damage and velocity multiplier to blocks and entities, which will affect bullets shot at it